Author HD Pelton holds book signing in Benton

Author H.D. Pelton autographed his book, Where the Light No Longer Shines at the Shoppach House in Benton.   Pelton added a personalized message for friends, family and fans of all ages who attended the event.  Where the Light No Longer Shines is set in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and includes a history of the area that takes you back in time. 

Where Light No Longer Shines Novel by H. D. Pelton

 Wanderlust entices Patrick O’Brien to leave his native Ireland. He arrives in America with his young bride, seeking his fortune in the rugged mountains of the Arkansas Territory. Full of dreams he begins to build a happy life for his growing family but neighbors, the Ranklins, have other plans. The O’Brien clan will suffer a decade of murder and sorrow that will crack Patrick’s soul like the fractured rocks of the Boston Mountains, deep in the Ozarks.

Where Light No Longer Shines is a historical work of fiction for ages 16 and up. It is a story of starting over, mysterious happenings, humor, romance and intrigue.

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