MEMS Paramedic Passes Away from injuries

Photo credit David Lide with Arkansas Post

Little Rock, Arkansas–MEMS was tasked with providing medical care at the 2021 Little Rock Marathon last week but ended up tragically losing one of their own. Paramedics Major Dean Douglas was transported by ambulance to a local trauma center where he later passed away from injuries he sustained while responding to a call. Douglas was reported to have been riding a bicycle for MEMS at the time of the accident according to a source familiar with the incident.

Greg Thompson Executive Director with MEMS said, “Yesterday, we lost a colleague, friend and hero. Major Dean Douglas tragically lost his life after suffering injuries sustained while responding to an emergency call during last week’s Little Rock Marathon. He served as a MEMS Paramedic during the race and had been on life support since then. In his last act of heroism, he donated his organs so that others may live. This is the only line-of-duty death that our organization has experienced in our 37-year history. Our prayers are with his family and the colleagues who served alongside him.”

The marathon has a history of at least two other deaths over the years including a 27-year-old Wisconsin man who collapsed and died after completing the Little Rock Marathon in 2008. The Little Rock Parks Department which puts on the marathon did not have a comment.


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