Showdown at Centennial Stadium

The Sunbelt Conference rivalry between Arkansas State and University of Louisiana Lafayette did not disappoint.  The game was held at Centennial Stadium on  Thursday night October 21, 2021.  The 1st quarter was all defense and scoreless. 

With 5:38 left in the 2nd half, stAte made a touchdown and led 7-0.  ULL came right back and tied the game at 7 with 5:19 left in the 2nd.   StAte answered with a field goal with 2:21 to the half.  With 28 seconds left in 2nd quarter, ULL   closed out the 1st half with a touchdown.  The Red Wolves went into the locker room 10-14 ULL. 

The dance team and band kept the fans entertained during the half with a great performance. 

The 3rd quarter started with a stAte touchdown in 53 seconds.  ULL answered with a touchdown with 12:35 left.  Three minutes   stAte made another touchdown to regain the lead over ULL 24-21, and made another field goal with 3:23 left.   With 2:37 left in the 3rd, ULL regained the lead with a touchdown making the score 27-28. 

The defense took over the game in the 4th quarter with neither team scoring. 


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