The Arkansas State Fair 2022 is in Full Swing

by bfogleman

The Arkansas State Fair has been a success so far with many people attending.  The fair offers rides, games and events for people of all ages to enjoy.  One event I recommend is the livestock show.  Students of all ages hope to win the blue ribbon, the Grand Champion in their division.  These students put endless hours of time prepping for the show.  Raising one of these animals requires hours of: feeding, exercising, grooming, teaching them to stand for judges and loving them.  Rides for all ages are on the grounds with fair goers waiting to get on.  Games where a skilled participant can win a prize are scattered among the food venders and rides.  You can not walk around  the fairgrounds without your  sense of smell leading you to your favorite treat.  I was told that the fried lasagna was a must try (although I did not).  The Hall of Industry is filled with businesses, organizations, and agencies providing information to the public. You can purchase clothes, jewelry, sweet treats and more there. The fair offers several concerts throughout the week.  The State Fair ends October 23.  

PS Its been over 30 years since showed in Louisiana but the dedication is still the same.


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